To capture the moment with creative ideas…

Paying attention to details and catching the shooting magic moment to achieve my success in photography.

People, Beauty, Fashion and Glamour Portrait

Love the joy and happiness that my camera brought me, being a photographer brings me the privilege to capture so many uncountable smiling faces.

I was lucky enough to own my first Canon SLR camera (EOS 5) when I am 16, ever since I always have my camera around me. Not until recent years because of job related reason I am getting serious about becoming a professional photographer.

Commercial and Product Photography

As a graphic designer, my job is to create and design marketing materials, many times I have worked for many of the outside commercial photographers, then I realized that if i can do the shooting myself I can have more control and also save me time going back and forward. Also doing it in house I have saved the company a lot of money and giving them extra flexibility for marketing.

About Derek Leung Photography

Finally I have a chance to have my own studio, located inside a 5000 square feet facility now I have more room and flexibility to explore. I am looking forward to the opportunity to create a cherished piece of art for your family.